power generators, filers, et al

I am looking into acquiring power products. Advice given to me by my audio consultant is the first item to acquire is a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (20a model). Next on the list would be a power regenerator and we all know the ones sold for audiophiles cost a LOT of money. I am looking for recommendations on products that are suitable that do not cost a small fortune. I know of the PS Audio products and a P600 seems a good product although pricey even used. I am attracted to one of the two used Accuphase products simply because they may hold their value well since the first huge hit on resale has been taken by the original owner.

Looking for input. My system is based around Audio Note products; 8 watt tube amp, tube preamp, tube DAC, DVD player, turntable, cassette, DirectTV receiver, 32" CRT TV.

All input is appreciated.

I suggest that you keep it simple with dedicated line(s), good duplexes, and linear PCs, and THEN see if you need to spend $$ on regeneration. (Disclaimer: I sell the cheap stuff.) Happy Holidays to all.