Power cords for older magnavox cd players

I have a question with regard to the older Magnavox cd players (CDB-650, CDB-473, etc.) they had a detachable power cord but it has an oblong end at the player end and a two prong plug at the other, are these power cords available in heavier wire gauges with this end, I do not believe the #C7 end is the same. Any help on this would be beneficial.
You can buy an adapter, check audioadvisor.com, that will allow you to use regular 3 prong power cables.

Remove the funny power-connector and install an IEC socket.

I did it with my old Philips machine and noticed an improvement in the bass range with heavy, high-quality power-cable.

/Adaptors/ only spoil the sound and thus it is better to use it with standard cable then...

Best of luck,
Dewald Visser