Potentially Dumb CD Burning Question

At the risk of sounding ignorant, Can I burn a CD file, which has already been ripped in FLAC and is stored in my hard drive, onto a DVD – and if so, does that automatically become DVD audio. I suspect it may be more complicated than that. If not, can I burn the FLAC file to CD – or does it need to be ripped in a WAV file???
You can put any type of encoded file format (FLAC, MP3, WAV, etc) on any physical media (CD, DVD, Flash Drive, Hard Drive). The question then is: do I have the equipment to a) read the physical media and b) decode the file format.

Note that standard players (the one in your car or the one you bought at Walmart) will (almost certainly) not decode FLAC from CD, but may decode WAV and MP3 from CD. From DVD... probably not, as the focus is on video, not audio.

For DVD you'll need a PC and there is no standard for writing music files to DVDs so you'll need PCs to both read and write. If your intent for ripping is for storage and playback on the same machine it works well. If you want to play it everywhere (well a lot of places) stick to MP3 on CDs.
To make a DVD-A you must properly format the DVD and contents to conform to DVD-A standards. I use Diskwelder Bronze (http://www.minnetonkaaudio.com/products/discwelder01.html) to author DVD-A on my Mac.
I stand corrected, Diskwelder looks like a great product. Sure wish there was such a thing for SACD.

Thanks Ghost.
YOu can do either. If you want to burn the audio files to a DVD-R, you'll need a player that recognizes the DVD-A std. As another poster mentioned, you will need disc welder, or alternatively DVD solo from Cirlinca; available as download for a trial period. Both software types embed the audio tracks into an ISO file image, that can then be burned to any DVD-R disc.