Point of diminishing return for a DAC

I am currently using a Mac mini as a Roon Server with an entry schiit DAC. I am considering buying another DAC. My question: what are the opinions on the point of diminishing returns for a DAC. My system is Golden Ear Triton 2+, Prima Luna preamp Carver tube amp. Quobuz for streaming...

Look forward to thoughts and advice...
Get an Audio-gd R8 DAC (ladder DAC) and a ultrarendu streamer/bridge and you will be MANY steps above now and VERY close to a multi thousand dollars DACs. 
i was lucky enough to find a great dealer (Basil Audio) that gave me a stack of Players to audition on my system in my house. I tried them all and while each had a great sound there was one that worked best for me. I blind tested them all again for my wife and she picked the same player I did. These were not low end players but each sounded different. I went with the Linn Akurate with Katalyst  and could not be happier. Take the time and find what is right for you and your equipment and room. 
I went with Benchmark for accuracy, neutrality and solid engineering, but I'm getting interested in Denafrips for musicality...not sure which models are significantly more musical than Aries2.  Any experience?Thx for Rendu tip.
If you have money to burn, pay over $1,000 for a any new DAC.
Not that SQ won't get better when more $ are thrown its way
but this technology is improving like crazy.