Playing Amazon Music Through Chrome on Server Desktop

Can’t figure out how to play Amazon Music from Chrome on my server. I use Remote Desktop to access the server and created a Chrome shortcut to AM on the desktop, then select music and play. But the sound plays from the main controlling computer and not on the remote server (and into the system and speakers). So in the Remote Desktop login I changed the setting from "play remote audio on this computer" to "play on remote computer". So now no sound on either. How to make this work?

Fyi JRiver is on the server, other webpage radio stations have shortcuts to play through JR on the remote desktop, and they play fine.

Update- installed the AM Windows app on the server, running that again no sound output.

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Open the "Amazon Music" application and sign into your record on the off chance that you haven't as of now. Of course, you'll see every accessible playlist, collections, and tunes in the Prime Music view. To play any of them, you'll have to add them to your library. website

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