Planning a vintage setup

My original idea was to use a vintage Ayre C5xe disc player and AX-7e integrated with KEF Reference 1s. Then I got sidetracked with a Parasound JC 2 preamp and JC 1 monoblocks. But it occurred to me that’s just a second high-end setup I don’t need. I moved from a rack of Ayre gear with the Reference 1s to a KEF LS60 augmented with a pair of KC62 subs to simplify.

I think I’ve decided on using an Oppo 205 as a preamp to a Proceed Amp 2 that will drive the Reference 1s. The Amp 2 was my entry to higher-end audio years ago, replacing a Marantz 18 receiver. As a packrat I kept everything. I have a Proceed PAV preamp, but the 205 plays discs and Roon via HDMI from a Nucleus, and I’d like to use just the two components.

The vintage Ayre disc player, integrated amp, and DAC will be displayed. Most of the modern Ayre gear is for sale.

Proceed was a Mark Levinson brand-mate made by Madrigal.

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KEF made a big splash when new, excellent finish and sound great, but I advise against them because of low sensitivity and too deep for ..... 

I always want efficient enough to more readily try tubes, now or future.

Turns out none of the Proceed Amp 2s is functional, and after soul-searching I doubt I really want to sell the modern Ayre gear. I envision a simple setup of DAC, preamp, and amp with KEF Reference 1s, maybe subs but no surround. A Sony HT A9 SW5 does surround. This ends my plan for a vintage setup unless I bring up the Ayre AX-7e and C5xe with appropriate speakers, e.g., KEF Reference 102/2s.

I tried the Ayre AX-7e integrated with KEF Reference 1s, and the sound was excellent, but those speakers will be used with modern Ayre gear.  I may try it with a Magnapan LRS.   Any suggestions about vintage speakers?

The Ayre AX-7e integrated and C5xeMP disc player sound so good with the KEF Reference 1s I may forego setting up the modern Ayre gear.  I have a vintage Ayre DAC that could take USB from the Roon Nucleus and send balanced analog to the AX-7e.  

An Oppo 205 can be linked via HDMI to a Sony HT A9 surround setup to supplement the vintage setup.  Our primary setup is a KEF LS60 with a pair of KC62 subs.