Ottawa, Ontario


Anyone in the Ottawa area interested in a once a month listening session?

I work in Ottawa but live in Montreal, I'd love to drop by some member's homes and hear some systems. The only system I can offer up to listen to is my office system:

- Consonance Opera Cyber 10 Tube Integrated with NOS tubes
- Micromega Basic CD player
- SAE Model Two tuner, Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon Antenna
- Totem Rokk bi-wire monitors
- Goertz Micropurl 1m single-ended interconnects
- DH Labs Q10 speaker wire with WBT0600 Bananas (speaker) and WBT spades (amp)
- no room treatments (yet)
- Sennheiser HD600 headphones with Cardas wire

I know this isn't necessarily "high end" but after all it is an office system. I can dismantle and move any or all of the system for listening if required, just need some decent stands for the speakers. Please contact me through the 'Gon.

Best, Jeff (the artist formerly know as jeffloistar)

Hello Jeff

Thanks for the reply. That's quite the office set-up you have. I don't think my home system will overwhelm you. I have a pair of Dynaudio A72's as my floorstanders and a pair of Totem Model 1's as my monitor's. I run Classe 100 monoblocks and an Adcom GFP 750 Pre-Amp. I use a VPI Jr with a Rega 300 arm and Rega Super Elys and a Classe CDp .5. The cables are Ultralink Ambiance and the interconnects are Cardas with Eichmann Bullets.

Where I excel is my music collection. Everything from Indian Classical to Punk to electronica to old tyme country. With the majority being jazz and Western Classical.

I live out in the Kanata area. If you might like to get together to listen to tunes and discuss hi-fi. Let me know.

thanks, matthew
Matthew and Jeff

I'd be interested too. I'm a west ender like Matthew, and I'm always looking for new listening experiences. My system is posted here, and my listening room is always open.

Paul Chefurka
Well we appear to be off and running. With a listening session already scheduled.

If anyone else is interested please let us know.

all the best

Well the first night went well. Great music and good conversation. We listened to: Calamus, The Creaking Tree String Quartet, Bill Frisell and Bob Brozman. We listened with and without the tube buffer. Opting to go without the buffer, mostly because the buffer isn't burned in yet. Plans are in the works for a second night.

Well we have now enjoyed our second evening. I had a chance to revel in the glory of the Total Coincident Victory and it was incredible. We listened to an Audio Silver Night SET integrated and to Canary push pull mono blocks. I preferred the Canary but they were both outstanding.

The music included: Patricia Barber, David Grisman, Jill Saint John, Lutoslawski and a bunch of men singing pig latin versions of "Old MacDonald".

We reconvene in April to put my Totem Model One's through the paces.
Yes indeed, the Coincidents were in fine form. They will be replaced for the next session chez GliderGuider by the FAB Audio Model 1, which are even more Fab than a Total Victory!

For anyone wondering what instrument Jill St. John plays, it was actually Lara St. John playing Gypsy music on a Strad. The pig latin thing is an odd recording. It was written and produced by Sandra Boynton, and is described on the net thusly:

"Perhaps the single most ambitious, inexplicable project in a career fraught with ambitious inexplicability: a book/CD documenting a simple day in the simple lives of the simple pigs of Snouto Domoinko de Silo. Intoned in the original Pig Latin, with antiphonal responsaria and commentaria by the lesser barnyard animals. (Maybe you had to be there.) Truly sooee generis."

It's basically "Old Macdonald Had a Farm" sung in Gregorian chant by the animals on the farm, all of whom for some reason speak Latin, except for the pigs who of course speak Pig Latin. The acoustics and recording quality of this CD have to be heard to be believed. And even once you've heard it you can't believe anyone bothered...

thanks for clearing up the musician error. where did i come up with Jill St. John.

looking forward to checking out the Fab's

Another night and another success. This time it was my Totem Model One's and a night of mostly jazz trumpet. We listened to the likes of: Enrico Rava, Hot Lips Page, Lee Morgan, Freddie Hubbard and many more. What they lack in bass they make up for in the mids and highs. I think everyone enjoyed the Totem's, at some point I'd like to listen to the Forest Floor stander.

The latest get-together involved listening to folk and blues through my newish Fab Model 1 speakers driven by Wavelength Triton Blue 300B amps and a pair of ACI Titan subs. The sound was very nice - open and clean with a firm, well-integrated foundation.

Music included Martin Simpson, Mary Black, Ruthie Foster, two versions of Western Wall (one by Roseanne Cash, one by Emmylou and Linda Ronstadt), and a "vertical tasting" of Greg Brown - some from his 1983 album "One Night..", and some from his recent release "In the Hills of California" from the Kate Wolf Music Festival.

Refreshment was courtesy of three bottles of cask-strength single malt - a 27 year old Blair Athol, a 24 year old Convalmore and an 18 year old Caol Ila.

All in all, another pleasant, successful night.
Hello Matthew: I live in the Ottawa area and know both Paul Chefurka and Terry Patrick. If the membership is still open, please count me in. Regards Bill Krause
Well, we had a meeting at my place last night and it was a great pleasure to spend a few hours with Matthew and Paul. We listened to a wide range of material: Eva Cassidy, Alison Krauss, John Zorn, Doug MacLeod, Walter Leigh - everything from Blue Grass to Classical. A couple of bottles of fine wine, some excellent companionship and great music - really, what more could a man want? (well, okay, there is that). Greatly looking forward to our next get together.
Hello Bill,

Thanks for the note. If you are in the company of Terry and Paul you are walking on rarified air. Great people, who just happen to know a lot about music as well. We will be planning another listening session soon. Send me an e-mail through the Audiogon system and I will include you on the discussion.

all the best

Last Friday we met at my place again, to taste the delights of the Audion Silver Night PX25 amp. It acquitted itself very well. I over-programmed the music, though. My bright idea was an evening of chanber music, chosen for the number of instruments in the ensemble - starting with a Bach solo violin sonata and going all the way up to Spohr's Nonette. While there was some good music along the way (including a transcription of de Falla's "Nights in the Gardens of Spain" for guitar trio, and the Beethoven Grosse Fugue) we only made it as far as a Brahms Sextet before the idea wore out its welcome.

As a reward, we listened to some CD copies of working tapes made by a recording engineer from Toronto. He specializes in single-pass recording, done with strict stereo miking. The pieces were a small jazz combo - a female vocalist, a piano and a bass. The recordings were straight from the session, and included a lot of "beginnings" that ended in mistakes. It was like looking at a photographer's contact sheets - fascinating. The recording quality was interesting, in that it gave a very realistic picture of the venue acoustic, sometimes at the expense of the individual instruments - especially the piano which sounded a bit distant compared to the voice.
It seemed like time for another update. Well we've been trucking along for a little while and now we have 5 members. I hosted our most recent get together on September 23 2005. What a blast! My sound room, if it can be called that is really only able to hold to people so I set up the stereo in my living/dining room instead. The acoustics weren't great (but then again my regular room is far from perfect) but we were able to sit all five comfortably and I hope the music was interesting enough to make up for the sound bouncing around. As I look back now, I think that starting up this listening club was one of the best things I have taken part in over the last several years. We meet once a month for tunes, conversation and the odd beverage and it's a hoot. I look forward to each meeting. I can't see us being able to expand any further because of space issues but I can see why some of our group are in other listening clubs, it's great fun.

I chose to program music from or inspired by Chicago for my theme. We listened to: Misha Mengelberg; the Chicago Underground Quartet; Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Steve Goodman; John Prine; Junior Wells; Mike Bloomfield; Jimmy Reed; Clifford Jordan; Albert Ammons; the Pharaohs and others.

And the set up was: Totem Model 1's, Jolida 502B, Classe CD.5 and VPI HW19Jr.5
Good Day,

I would love to join. I'm a graduate student here in Ottawa. I have a headphone only system, something that may not appeal to you members right away, but it may also amaze you at what can be attained having transducers strapped to one's ears.

As for frontends, I can offer a highly modified Shanling TD-100, a Michell Gyrodec with Orbe platter, SME V, Koetsu Black, soon a Grado Statement, and an Ear 834p phono. If ever I was asked to bring this along, I would require a lift as I don't own a car.

Sooo...if membership is still open, please consider me.


thanks for the note. at the moment we are up to five members and i don't think all of us, particularly myself have a listening room that can accomodate more than that. but i'd be glad to talk to you and set up a seperate listening time

Kick off to 2006. We enjoyed our first get together of the new year at my place. This was the first time that I had my new gear up and running. And I think that the Gallo Ref 3's and the Cary SLI80 provided a rewarding experience. That being said the music is the thing and after attempting a few speaker placements we had a nice afternoon enjoying music by artists from Pittsburgh. The menu included tunes by: Earl Hines, Maxine Sullivan, Ray Brown, Kenny Clarke, Paul Chambers and Art Blakey. As well as the Pittsburgh Symphony performing Brahms Symphony#2 and Tchaikovsky's Cantible for Cello Solo and String Orchestra. Looking forward to the next get together in March.

Yes, it was a lovely afternoon, with some music I'd never heard before, some tasty new components and good whisky to meld it all together. By the way Matthew, the CBC program I meant to slag off was Freestyle, not Fresh Air - though Fresh Air doesn't escape criticism either. If the CBC gets any more lightweight, it's going to float away on the hot air of its own making. It's a saddening state of affairs.

Thanks for the kind words and the clarification on the Mother Corp. I'm not sure where the good ship is going myself.

Looking forward to the next music session.

Yes, it was a good afternoon of music. The Gallo Ref 3s sounded very nice when paired up with the Cary.
We met yesterday at my place for an evening with Charlie Haden, Gary Burton, Brad Mehldau, Kenny Garrett, Bill Evans, Earl Klugh, Beth Nielson Chapman, etc. I especially enjoyed playing my latest find, Burnt Bulb on Broadway, a nice Canadian album with songs written by Kevin Breit. I'll have to try to remember to include some classical music in my next programme.

Looking forward to the next meeting.
Another excellent evening at Konrad's place. Despite his ungodly work hours, he treated us to great music and hospitality. The Earl Klugh was particularly exceptional.

looking forward to the next session.

On Saturday June 17th it was my turn to host and I made it a World Cup Affair. With music by composers and/or artists from the nations represented at the 06 Cup in Germany. There wasn't enough time to cover all 32 nations but I got somethin on from most of the groups. Here is what we heard, more or less

Group A

Germany – Ha Ye Ni (cello) - Mendelsson
Poland – Grzegorz Krawiez (guitar on MA recordings)

Group B

England – Matt Haimovitz - (solo cello) Benjamin Britten
Sweden – Vasen

Group C

Argentina – Astor Piazolla
Netherlands – Stochello Rosenberg

Group D

Mexico – Lila downs
Portugal – Mariza
Angola - Bonga
Iran – Dastan Ensemble

Group E

Czech Republic – Dvorak Cello Concerto - Gregor Piatigorsky
Italy – Enrico Rava
Usa – Erik Freidlander

Group F

Brazil - Badi Assad
Japan – Imo Ita (MA recording), as well as Bob Brozman & Takashi Hirayasu
Korea - Chan E Park
France – Emmanuel Bertrand performing Grief

Group G

Spain – Calamus (ma recording)
Tunisia – anouar brahem

Not exactly soccer music, but it worked. Anyways, I thought it went well and was a fun afternoon. Looking forward to the next meeting.

Indeed, an excellent theme and a wonderful afternoon. And the Scotch was pretty darn good too.

Thanks Matthew.
I'm in the middle of building a listening room in the basement so for my turn to host, I decided to invite the club out to a live show. We went to "Le Petit Chicago", to watch sax player, Petr Cancura. I think Petr has been getting used to living in New York and he came on a little later than we might have liked. But he put on a strong first set. It was fun to get a chance to talk to everyone before the show started. And I might try something like that in the future. But first, to get the listening room ready and to host an evening some time early in the new year.

all the best


Thanks for a very entertaining and enjoyable evening. I thought the group's performance was great and I know that we all enjoyed this very much. Lets do this again early in the new year. Cheers, Terry.
very interested , live in orleans , hsve been into audio since 1970 starting with full range electrostats, now have cj premier 140 , cj 14l preamp.totem winds, rega apollo audio quest interconnects , plus tetra 120u , with sub u, ultimate cable
We had our second meeting of 2008 at my place. This was the first group session in my new listening room. The room is still a work in progress but overall the system and surroundings provided enjoyable listening. Fortified with some beverages and snacks including delicious homemade hummus we settled down to an eclectic listening session based on the theme of: winter, spring and summer.

We listened to tunes by: Kenny Drew, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Koop, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Loreena Mckennitt, Arcade Fire, Silk Road Music, Jacintha, Mariza, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Natacha Atlas, June Christy and Meshell Ndegeocello. We also listened to, Caroline Dale performing music from the "Hillary and Jacky" Soundtrack. And we heard a small excerpt from Leonard Berenstein conducting Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring". The surprise for me was a delicious version of "Summertime: by Ray Charles and Cleo Laine. That blew away the Miles effort on the same song.

I look forward to the next meeting already! And to the end of winter.

Our second meeting of the year, at Matthew's, was a great sucess. Comraderie, mixed with good music and a little Scotch and wine, are an unbeatable combination. Thanks, Matthew!
It was a little warm for our July 2008 meeting at my place but I think it went well. The music room has now been treated and is sounding much better.

The tunes included tracks by: Rebecca Pidgeon, Richard Thompson, Fairfield Four, Cephas and Wiggins, Guy Clark, Frank Foster, Gerald Wilson, Lenny Niehaus, Mischa Mengelberg, Carmell Jones, David Grisman, Shelby Lynne, and music by Donizetti.
Are you still closed for new members? I would love to join up once the group is able to expand.



We would like to bring in more members but there isn't room in our listening rooms to allow for more people. We have 6 members and we just don't have the space for more.


It was another enjoyable afternoon at my place. We listened to music by: Buena Vista Social Club (live), Art Blakey, Art Farmer, Von Freeman, Roy Hargrove, Art Davis, Phil Woods, Sylvain Luc, an excerpt of the Requiem from "Mozart in Egypt", and a cut from Xanadu at Montreaux Vol 2.

Great music and good times. I look forward to the next meeting.