Orpheus Amplifier....Who has tried one of them?

Last year I took a look at a very well constructed little 40 watt solid state amplifier made by a Swiss company named Orpheus. When I learned the price I figured they would not sell very many of them but I wanted to audition one; never got the chance and I am using 300b tube amps now.

But, I remain interested in knowing of any people with direct experience in case one of these pops up as a used item. That would make a wonderful amp in a home theatre system for the front speakers.
I have one. I like it. It definitely does not have a "solid state" or "tube" sound. It is very neutral, smooth and liquid. It is also very powerful for a 40w amp. I like it more than some other, well regarded amps that I have owned, such as ASL Hurricanes, Wyetech Opal (572), Edge NL10,...and others. Obviously, all of these amps are very different from each other, and most are much more expensive. The special thing about the Orpheus is that it goes outside the conventional description of tube or solid state sound, and has the best qualities of both, without the drawbacks. Sounds impossible, until you hear it. It is the first solid state amp that I have been able to live with. No dryness, round, full images, great harmonic detail. The amp is truly a bargain, especially at the distributor blow out price now on Audiogon. I would love to pair the monos up with Quad 989s. I think it would be a match made in heaven. The monos are probably the only amps I would sell this one to get.
Some audio guys here (Taiwan) preffer Orpheus Laboratory THREE MONO better than Pass X350. I have no chance to audit them. Would like to know what is the characteristic of each amp beside the watt Orpheus at 150 versus pass 350?