Opinions welcomed

I am considering a CD-only transport and found McIntosh MCD-751, Pioneer Elite PD-S95, Classe CDT-1 and Sonic Frontier Transport 1 for sale. If you've owned or heard any of the above I would appreciate your comments. I am currently using a Panasonic HD1000 as my transport. Thank you.
A Classe' CDT-1 compared to a Pioneer PD-S95 transport?
This is like comparing a Ford GT-40 to a Ford Pinto.

Pioneer Elite PD-S95
Sonic Frontier Transport 1
McIntosh MCD-751
Classe' CDT-1 (this was a kit that many mfr's bought, from "Daisy" I believe, and was mediocre at best).

Pioneer Elite PD-S95 was a very good unit and by far would be my pick of what you have mentioned.
It was going to be part of a very hi-end line of Pioneer products
(well above the Elite). I heard they were going to have a $40K pair of mono blocks,
a $8K DAC, and a $20K pore to go with it (all in the champaign finish).
They ended up loosing interest and only the PD-S95 made it to the U.S.
If you looked in an Elite catalog at that time, around 1995, the PD-S95 stuck out since it was the only non black lacquer component in the line. The retail was to be $3000 or $3500 (I forget).
Pioneer decided to abandon the the line but already had the transports here, so they dropped the price to around $1500 retail, making this model a steal at full retail. We sold at least 20 of these.

If you get this unit take a look inside, on the back, and on the bottom.
The machined aluminum pieces that make up the chassis are mounted on a copper sub chassis which sits on a honey comb copper base. This was not your typical Pioneer unit, and was among the best in its day (at any price), and is no slouch today.

Brian, thanks for your reply. Any opinion re the Pioneer against the Panasonic unit?
Brian, as far as i know, the PD-S95 uses the same exact chassis as the PD-65 player. They even come with the same owners manual that covers both units. Never compared the two units side by side, but the build quality on the PD-65 is also pretty solid. Sean
Wow. Sounds like someone trying hard to justify a Classe purchase.... Anyway, I also vote for the Pioneer. Besides, it has a turntable - just like your analog rig! And, if you get a PDR-05 or PDR-99, you can not only use it as a transport, you can record your LPs directly onto CDs!
Keep repeating, over and over: bits is bits, bits is bits.....