Opinions on Technics SL-3300

There's one for sale locally asking price is $200. It's practically new and been rarely used and all buttons work perfectly. Comes with an Audio Technica cartridge, not sure which model but the casing is light green. Is this considered a good model of these direct drive Technics tables?
Go for it. Well serviced you could get about $400 on flea bay for this. Jimmy Page uses a Technics SL-B2 belt drive....

Great with a Shure 97X or a Denon DL-110 cartridge....

shardone, thanks a lot. I called the seller and picked it. He was literally 10 minutes drive from my house. The table it practically unused and the cartridge is brand new and he had the manual along with the purchase receipt dated 1981 and paid $168. Aligned the tonearm and set it to 1.5 until I find out the exact model of the cartridge. Hooked it up and sounds decent and everything works. I don’t see any model markings on the cartridge assembly, except its light green shell. My other turntable, Quadraflex Reference 620 T, has a Shure M109E cartridge with a fairly new M97XE stylus and I can try swapping them to see if it sounds better but for now the sound quality is reasonably decent. Thanks for the encouragement.

I have a question about phono preamp that I’ll post under the amplifier section.

Edited to add that I found the cartridge model. Its an Audio Technical AT95E Dual Magnet and is listed for $75. It seems to have good reviews too. Overall, quite satisfied with the purchase.