Opinions on Parasound AVC 1800


Putting together a HT system and looking for a reasonably priced pre-amp.
Rest of system is Vandy 2Ce's as fronts, and a B&K AV 5000 power amp. Still
looking for surrounds (any suggestions on cheaper surrounds appreciate, due
to location cannot use VSM-1's).

Like Acurus ACT III but a bit too exp, can get the AVC 1800 for around $500. Also can get Marantz cheap but have heard they are not too good.

Any thoughts on whether this is a good pre-amp/other alternatives

Typical zippy sound quality for the price range. Where it really falls down is in video switching. There is a rather large degradation of the video signal if you use it for video routing.
I think it is a wonderful no frills unit.I don't use for video routing.I go direct to TV from satellite to vcr to TV.Best way regardless of price of processer[Saves a lot on cables also].I don't use it for cd's[seperate Transport and DAC].I'm mainly 2 channel with all Tube amps for surround focusing on [Music DVD's and SACD] sound not explosions..When listening to 2 channel AVC 1800 is not turned on.Sound is routed from processer to Tube pre's also.[Less fatiguing watching movies].What is needed is a good Tube HT processor.Can't beat it for $500!I think you have to spend thousands more and gain very little to beat it.Use the money you save for upgrades in other areas where you can see more improvment than an expensive processor.Hope this helps!