Opinions on CJ ET2 and PV-11L

These CJ preamp models appear to be reasonably priced in the used market and I'm looking for opinions from folks who are familiar with these particular models. My current preamp is a NAD C165BEE which I think sounds quite decent but I'm intrigued by tube preamps and the CJ brand in particular. Wondering if these models would be an upgrade or I should considerĀ better models in the CJ line up. Thanks.
CJ ET2 is the best sounding unit for your money also a wonderful company thats been around for over 30 years.I have the ET5 which has wonderful accurate sound gone are the big tube colorations very accurate and musical as well.Enjoy!!

seek out a CJ dealer/retailer for a proper demo. I concur w/ ebm, CJ products are excellent and have (2) avenues for repairs and service.

Big fan here. Keep me posted.
Happy Listening!