Opinions on best "a/v reciever" used as "pre/pro"

Am currious to know everyone's oppinion(who's tried different modestly priced receivers) on which receiver has the best "pre-amp" and/or "digital processing" section for both movies and cd music in the "sub-$1k receiver" price point?! While I may use the amps in the receiver to drive the center and rears, I plan on only using the "pre-out's"(must have those) for the mains to go to my little tube amp for my "klipsch" speakers I'm going to use(I think)
So, I basically want to know what receiver has the most "hi-end", clear, open, detailed, and dynamic sound "digital in" from a DVD player for both DD/DTS movies and standard CD's! I don't want any receiver(I think) that retailed for much more than $1k(less used of course). Again, I'll be using another amp for my mains, and need "pre-out's" for the mains at least. I don't care any about trick surround modes, except perhaps Dolby Pro Logic II(preferably).
I am considering Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo mainly(those 4). The speakers are probly going to be the "slightly foreward sounding" and agressive Klipsch SB2's driven by a Tube amp. Thanks for the input
My current set-up utilizes a Arcam AVR100 as a pre/pro and drives the center/surrounds. It features a anolog pass-thru for CD. I use the L/R preouts to a pair of Monarchy Audio SM-70's (mono configured) driving Klipsch Forte's and am very pleased with the 5/2 channel performance in my 15/15 room. The Arcam was purchased here for well under $1000 and is highly rated for its DD/DTS and 2 channel performance. Other speakers are Klipsch KV3 center SP1 powered for the rears and a REL Q100e sub also found here at well under $1000.
My vote is the Sherwood Newcastle AVP-9080R used which leaves $400+ for a 3 channel amp budget. The R945MKII is a nice receiver for ~$400 used (I own one) - Does DTS and Dolby in 5.1... If you rould rather have new, check out the Onkyo Integra line $600 - $1200 for the lower priced units.
My suggestion would be between the Denon AVR3803 at about
1100.00 or the Yamaha RXV2300 at 999.99. Both of those would be a/v reciever.The Yam will give you better musical tone overall but the Den gives you upconversion of video
signal from composite & s-video to component output.That
gives you alot of flexibility for an A/V receiver.Combine that with your amp and your good shape.
I use a b&k 202 receiver for a processor.
It is a reference 20 processor with 5 amps, and the reference 20 when new cost 2500.00
A 202 can be bought for around 800.00 used
This holds true for the other b&k receivers also.
For example a 305 or 307 use the reference 30 processor and five non reference amps.
Use a quality 5 channel outboard amp and you will have better sound then any of the brands you named.
Buy the Denon AVR/3803! Or for around $700.00 from authorized Denon etailers you can still get the 3802 which is what Im currently running.I've had it for about a year now,and I watch a movie about every night and it's just now breaking in properly.It truely is for the money,the best receiver ever!If you want more unbiased confirmation, just go to audioreview.com and look at how many reviews it has compared to any other receiver (160 something I think)and it still scores a 4.6 out of a possible 5! Now thats impressive! Any questions? Email me @ www.nathometheater@yahoo.com. Hope this helps you!