Opening of Audeum Museum


Mr Chung of Silbatone had built Audeum Museum in memory of his late father with budget of 150 M USD.





I attended opening ceremony on May 30th, 2024. Mr Chung gave speech.



Mr Chung gave explanation of the system. This one is Western Electric 16A and 16B.







They also display rather new vintage speakers dated 1950-1960.




Very cool, will try to visit someday. Thanks for sharing.

...and we thought @mikelavigne room build to be a bit extravagant....


to be even mentioned in this thread is an honor.

he plays in a different league than any of us. all respect to him for such a commitment to our great hobby!

likely the only other person in that league related to our hobby is Paul Allen R.I.P. a local Seattle guy who spent $500M building the Experience Music Project in Seattle. it started very music oriented, now since Paul's death it has morphed into more broadly pop culture. 20-25 years ago i use to see Paul every Saturday at Tower records in Bellevue (suburb of Seattle) buying CD’s. he had a number of tip top systems in his homes. and a pretty fair guitar player who jammed with a number of who’s who of concert artists.

I deleted some photos and videos since the host does not want some guest to be exposed.



But I had good time with my twin granddaughters in Korea.

Most folks could not afford the vintage collection

But if you are interested in vintage audio, this place is must visit.

There is no admission fee, but you need pre appointment for guided tour through website.


Audeum Audio Museum


What are the 1950-60s speakers in the last video you posted?  I am not familiar with them.

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