One man’s HeadFi journey all. Long- time 2-channel guy here who recently, of necessity, built a headphone rig I’m finally pretty happy with so thought I’d share FWIW. My goal was to, as much as possible, replicate the best attributes of my “big rig” in my “mini rig.” It’s been a process, and as you might expect, hugely educating along the way.

My “big rig” attributes I was aspiring most to replicate were neutrality, transparency/openness, imaging, 3D soundstage, musicality, and emotional engagement. I started with a very low budget, but through much reading and research I decided on a lightly used pair of Hifiman 400S ‘phones and an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red driven from my iPhone/iPad through an Apple Camera adapter. I was pretty happy with the results for a first relative shot in the dark and listened that way happily for a year. But, as we all know here, the audiophile bug hits and we inevitably start asking the fetching question — what if?

Rather than post here, I’m gonna post my travels on my relatively new website aptly named — It’ll be posted tomorrow as I just got the final components and am writing my findings as we speak. Suffice it to say there may be some recommendations outta left field, which is how I personally really like’em as that’s where some of the greatest values/surprises lie. Lay? I dunno. Anyway, if ur at all interested in my personal “journey” and if it might benefit any of you in a similar situation or are someone just wanting/needing to build a really good HeadFi rig, I hope you find it helpful. Questions definitely welcomed on the website, and I’ll do my damned best to answer each and every one of them somewhat intelligently. Stoopid ones graciously ignored. Whatevs. Fire away bitchez!!!