Ohm walsh or focal domes

If you could either get ohm walsh 4000s and set them up suboptimally (one on the left but the right one farther to the right and slightly behind you) in a large great room with vaulted ceilings that opens up to the kitchen, or get a pair of Focal Dome Flax satellites with a nice subwoofer and set them up properly to the left and right in front of you, which would you do. Go! 
Ohm Walsh's! I have a pair of the older Sound Cylinder's set up in my front room - actually in positions where conventional box speakers would sound awful. The SC's sound pretty damn amazing! No matter where I stood I had the uncanny experience of the "musicians in the room" effect! 
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I have Ohm 1000s (and owned the original Ohm Fs some 45 years ago) and one of the unique aspects of Ohms is their incredibly big sweet spot. Uniike many speakers that only image well when the listener is in one small, very specific spot, I can be pretty much anywhere in the room and the image is realistic in the same fashion as if you were wondering around while listening to live music.

This works both ways -- while still desirable, the speakers don't have to be set up completely symmetrical in order to sound good. However, keep in mind that Ohms have not been completely omnidirectional for many years. There is some attenuation within the speaker cone to the outside rear quadrant of each speaker (the two speakers are not interchangable between left and right), but once that is taken into account, there is great versatility in their setup while still giving good sound.
Thanks. I know that ohm walsh 4000s are going to be the superior speaker but they’re large and the floor space on either side of the fireplace built-ins is controversial in this household. The compromise was to move the one that would be on the right hand side over to the right hand wall and back a bit, so as your sitting at the couch they would be at 10 o’clock and 4 o’clock. Not sure I wanted to spend almost $6,000 on speakers if they’re going to be set up like that.

The focal satellite option would obviously be off the floor, so they could be positioned more normally at either side of the fireplace in front of you, but still aesthetic issues but less controversial. And so much less expensive.
Ohm's.  No brainer for me (but I do not like Focal anything... so there's that).

But the OHM's will do a nice job, huge sweet spot and seamless top to bottom.  Sub/Sat's - you miss so much of the midrange.