Off Topic: Any Photography Sites Like Audiogon?

Happy New Year everyone!

Curious if any of you frequent photography sites that do classifieds as well as here at Audiogon? I have a brand new Canon EOS Rebel XTi d-SLR that I am selling, and would like to list it at sites other than just ebay and

Thanks for the help!
Well, there is photogon, but it appears to get much less traffic than audiogon.

I'm not an ebay fan, but ebay is always an option. I've found to be a better venue for me as a seller. Amazon makes it easy to list your camera.

Or you could just give the camera to me and that would eliminate your problem entirely. :)

Thanks guys...I really did not know about Photogon! Who would've thought?

Got CraigsList and eBay covered...

Again thanks!
Videogon and Photogon.
Toys for the big boys,we are pretty much covered,one last favor,bring Pornogon.
I work with a photobuff. He said that stuff at if priced properly will sell within hours of posting.
No sales but a great educational site:
Happy NY
Luminous Landscape is a good suggestion. Another in the direction of informational websites, more targeting professionals is Rob Galbraith's Site, though I've not been there in a while it used to be very good, especially for digital tools and techniques.