Not selling Cardas cables online again, just wanted to share.....

After being a member with Audigon for 22 years with only positive feedbacks, this was the first. Sold a set of authentic Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects to a guy in the US who has good feedback. He paid via Paypal and all was good. Then, he sends me a note saying left cable is not working and the cable looks like its fake. Send images of a fake cable to the moderator and everything goes on hold.

Of course, he reaches out to Paypal and my full payment was on hold. After sending all the pics and shipping document with customs paper to Paypal. He is getting his money back and I am going to get a set of fake Cardas cables as a gift from him as a return. I have to take my other Cardas cable off the ad and look for local sale to avoid such things from happening again...sad but true.

*Audiogon has been very good by providing the necessary support from both ends.

Lesson learned: Take as many pics you have of the product being sold and include them into the ad and also keep extras as a safe guard for such events.


So sorry to hear this.  Does anyone think the problem of people scamming others on AGon, USaudiomart the same or getting worse?

It is so unfortunate that we have to put up with this nonsense. IMO the scammers have progressively gotten worse. You have to vet your buyer and your seller.

I have found it is good to have two references from either the buyer or the seller. If you can't communicate with the past transactions then roll the dice! You make the decision! At this point, I lean more towards online dealers. Yes, it is a little more but it is more secure. I was a victim on the receiving end of a PP scam and lost my privileges. The buyer told the official that the unit he received from me was not working. Turned out it was his way of auditioning gear at my expense.

@rapogee Were you able to leave feedback for the other user so people are aware of the transaction?

Not yet, waiting for the cables to arrive (his fake ones) but I am planning to see what can be done via the local authorities since it is actually falls under mail fraud.  I have contacted the local authorities on how to work with border patrol on this if possible. I will get Paypal involved since they need to know and will decide this moment I am not too concern about the money lost but would like to ensure it does not happen to anyone else.

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