New computer won't let DAC upsample

Just bought an Alienware Aurora R13 Gaming computer with Intel Core i9 12900KF, 32 GBDDR5 RAM, Nividia RTX 3070Ti and Windows 11 Pro. All that in hopes of being able to run any 48k 512 DSD file on Signalyst HQ Player with my T+A DAC 8 DSD. Disappointed. For reasons unknown to me I can't upsample any file to greater than 48k 128 DSD. Plus side, at that rate, to my ears it sounds as good as running files at 48K 512 on my old Windows 10 computer (after a LOT of trial and error). I was so frustrated I went back to JRiver and even trialed Audirvana. They both sounded a bit diffuse and bottlenecked my DAC at PCM 348K. Weird, the new computer sees my DAC as "Speakers T+A DAC 8 DSD." and only lets DSD play in WASAPI. It used to be ASIO.

Also disappointed Signalyst HQ player doesn't let you buy retro versions like JRiver Media does. I managed to get my old version (3.25.4) on the new computer after painstakingly transferring files to a flashdrive and downloading it on the new computer. Now every time I open the program it's asking me to buy (again) or reregister. I have a Register Key, but see no place to put it in. I tried the new HQPlayer 4 first. WAY too complicated. 

Anyone have an idea how I can get the new computer to let my DAC play 48K 512DSD again? Please don't respond if you don't believe in upsampling. And to anyone who does respond, please make it simple. I'm not computer savvy.


Try going the the Audiophile Style forum.  The have a software area that has several hqPlayer threads.  Miska posts there.

Before you even buy a certain DAC, go to the manufacturer's web site and make sure you can download the driver.

As jgoldrick advised, I went to Audiophile Style forum and asked the same question. I was advised to download the driver (I’d forgotten all about it) and now everything is working great.