NBS statement vs Whale elite powerchord

Can somebody tell me the difference in sound characteristics between those tow great powerchords NBS statement vs Whale elite powerchord????
The NBS just gets up and, ya know, speaks! The Whale always sounds like it's searching for a little more air.
I agree with Dubya, I own both and find the NBS more open, more air, a better presents. That's not to say the Whale isn't an excellant cord, it may have a better bass. The NBS is on my SCD-1 and the Whale on my amp. The NBS is a perfect cord for the SCD-1, the whale is the best match I've found for my amp. As always you really need to try them on your system. J.D.
I have both the NBS statement and a few of the Whales. The NBS is more forward and aggressive-quicker in the mids. The Whale is more laid back and has a bigger bottom end and quieter & smoother on the top end. I have a few other hi-end cables too, but both the NBS and the Whales are my favorites- both have there strengths and it comes down to putting the right cable on the right matched component. It's amazing how you hear improvements when you put your hi-end power cables on a different mixture of components. Then once the sound works for you and suits your taste-don't touch it. Right now I have my Whales on the (mono-blocks) amps and preamp, while the NBS is on my (dac) digital front end. But at the same time I bought 3 new Whales for the same price of 1 used NBS statement. So it's like an analogy that you can buy a 7 series BMW or buy a Bentley luxury. Both great cars and do what they are suppose to do, except one is triple the price. It comes down to being personally satisfied with the results of the sound, $dollars and sense too. Have a good time listening.