NAD T585 and M55 Universal Players

Are these units essentially the same machines just in a different chassis? Has anyone ever auditioned one to the other ? I have read the specs on both machines at and there almost word for word. This leads me to believe they are one in the same with the exception of the chassis. I know chassis design will effect performance but so will a piece of 3/4" MDF and some Vibrapods. I must admit the M55 looks great Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I just received a T585 and opened it up. The audio pc board and the video pc board both have M55 printed on them. The power supply doesn't so I am not sure. I have not listened to it yet so no comment on sound quality. I purchased it only for audio. I hoping this is the $1800.00 wolf in as low as $600.00 sheep's clothing.
I am loving this player. I read that it doesn't convert SACD to PCM which is a good thing and only players above $1500.00 do it this way. I am so happy with standard cd quality that SACD should blow me away. People in the market for a player at this price need to give the NAD T585 a try!