Musical Fidelity Turntable?

Has any one else read MF is building it's first table?
Anyone with any info.on it?
This should be interesting.
I bet Stereophile will go wild over it and push it like they do Rega and Music Hall.
I talked to one of the reps and it will be coming out within the next month or two. Fully integrated from what I recall: table, tonearm, and cartridge.
I read on Walrus HiFis' page that the arm is being made for them by SME, so not a bad start there then.
I was saving up for a VPI TNT or TNT Jr. but after seeing this boy o boy. this will be a big way for me to get back into turntables.
I think it is very interesting that new "high end" tables are appearing on the scene. I have watched this forum (and others) for a long time before I decide to take the plunge back in to "serious vinyl". I got some very good info from some very nice people, most of whom were more than willing to help.

What always amazes me is the amount of money some are willing to spend on a TT/Arm/Cart combo. Not to mention a phono stage. I started back on a budget that I almost immediately shot all to hell. I wanted to do it “right” for under 2k total. Dream on, or so I thought. Even going 50% OVER budget, it will cost me well under $3000 for a well above average setup. I mean WELL under 3k even if I go with a Shelter 501 NEW. I know I’ll have 40 real hours of work in it, but so what? I enjoy it, and that is as important to me as the finished project.

I have lusted after an SME 30/30, which new will cost about 30k with cartridge. I wonder where the 30 name came from....

After starting this Teres project, I thank God I have the skills to do this on my own. I also feel grateful that there are people willing to share the knowledge they have accumulated over the years to help people like me do things correctly based on THEIR experiences.

Don't get me wrong; I think that this "resurgence" in high-end vinyl is a good thing. Unfortunately, it is not for 99.99% of us. What it should do is provide real world benefits to the rest of us. And I am glad that it is happening. But……….

Until I hit the lottery, I’ll be happy with 95% of the performance for 10% of the price. And if any of you feel the same way, let’s hear it!

A Real Turntable on a Budget
It is the Mobile Fidelity M1. Has outboard power supply and SME M2 arm (straight tube, not S-shaped). It's pricey (3000 sterling)!