Museatex Meilor Bitstream DAC

Until recently my sources were an updated Thorens turntable and Yamaha CD player. I have recently purchased a streamer and it is playing into an older Museatex Bitstream DAC. The Bitstream was originally developed by Ed Meitner and subsequently modified by John Wright in Canada.

While the Museatex DACs were considered quite good in days gone by, I was wondering if by chance anyone has gone from a modded Museatex DAC to a new DAC such as a DENAFRIPS ARES II or any of the other sub $2K DACs and could describe their impression of quality and quantity of improvement?

The Museatex sounds quite good, but I have not had the chance to compare it to any others.


I’m planning to try one of the denafrips dacs one day to see how it stacks up against my modded bitstream.  It wasn’t supposed to be my current main dac, it ended up there after I put it up against my lumin d1 with sbooster.   The lumin earned top spot over chord and benchmark, the lumin presented a much more musical, rhythmic, enjoyable realistic performance.  But one day I figured I’d see how the old bitstream stacked up.  And it was preferred by me in every configuration I tried wrt cables.  Once optimized it was so clearly superior to the lumin dac, the lumin digital out fed the bitstream.  Just a little extra info here, I also owned a modded bidat and kept the bitstream dac.  I could rarely tell them apart and would occasionally prefer the bitstream. People say these dacs are analog sounding but I don’t really get what that means.  To me this old dac presents music through my system in a way no dac has before.  However I’d love to hear the denafrips products.
With a turntable and quality CD player as my sources I had my Bitstream in storage for quite a long while. I was using it with a Museatex CDD transport which it still working but sitting idle. Being out of the DAC market I read a LOT here of the new offerings but due to a two hour distance from a bricks and mortar store and the pandemic I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to any of the newer offerings.

Your post lets me know that my DAC is not completely lacking as DACs go and for that I thank you. Be sure to post your experience when you try the Denafrips.