Moving, time for new speakers?

Hi Guys,
Well it's finally happening, my girlfriend and I found a condo, thanks to the fabulous generosity of her parents, and go to settlement Feb. 15th, move in will be the beginning of March. My current speakers are Alon Lotus SE MKIII's, with alnico midrange, dipole mid and high frequency drivers, an 8" sealed box woofer with a benign 14 ohm impedance. I love these speakers, they are driven by a new, new to me at least, KR Audio Antares with 842VHD tubes, putting out 12 watts per channel. The new room will be rectangular, with a long wall that is 20 ft, the short wall is 14 ft with a bank of windows, and opposite the long wall is a shorter wall that is 7.5 ft and then becomes an open kitchen. Circumstances and WAF force me to put the stereo on that 7.5 ft wall. Are these speakers too much for this room? Frequency response on paper goes down to 40hz pretty flat. I'm thinking I can just do it but I'm in search of more learned opinions. And if the speakers must go, what are some alternatives, assuming amplification remains the same, and it will.
Jon D.

I went throough the same sort of thing last year. You are far better off to set your rig up in the new room and try it first to see where the deficiencies are, or indeed if you have any. If you are happy with your current gear, try to set the system up so you can keep things pretty much the way they are. You ears will then tell you the rest of what you need to know.