Moscode, George Kaye & Maggies?

Anyone, with experience mating the Moscode 300 with Maggie 1.6's or any other Maggie speakers? And has anyone tried George Kaye's upgrades to the 150/300/600 to good results? I've read what little is here on the matter and I'm looking for help. Can the 300 drive the Maggies with authority? Your experiences would be truly welcome. I'm looking to try more tubes in the line as well with this combo as I have been using a SS Perreaux 3150 B that puts out 500 watts per channel @ 4 ohms and an Audible Illusions M3A. Thanks!
I would think that the Moscodes 300 and more like the 600 would be a very good match.
I have owned a few Moscode 300 amps over the years . I had an original [ no mods ] back in the early 90's and sold it . I then bought a partially Modified unit around 1996 , again it was sold after year. I was happy with the sound of these 300's but always wanted more detail and clairity .
Last year I purchased a FULLY Modified George Kaye 300 . The improvement was not subtle . You have the power , control and detail of a good Solid State amp with the smoothness , ambience and finesse of a Tube Amp . I keep coming back to these rather inexpensive amps that offer real SOUND value .
I do not have any experience with the Maggie 1.6 , but the Fully Modified 300 does drive my Thiel 2.4 speakers as well as any amp [ Solid State or Tube ] I have owned .
I have owned 300/600/401hr. without a doubt the 600 is the perfect amp for maggies. There may be other amps like the bryston 7b or levinson or cj sonograph. But for power and tube sweetness its' the 600.
I never owned a George Kaye mod. However the 600 clearly could benifit form tweaking and tube rolling.
It was a long time ago, but I had my 300 modified by George and was happy with it. Given the age of these amps, a servicing is warranted anyways, and they did not have modern, high quality inputs and outputs, IEC connector, etc. There MAY still be parts available to change the power Xfrmr if it hums to a toroidal and George also changes out caps and modifies the circuit some to use some diff tubes.
I'm grateful for all the fine commentary. I believe I'm going to change a few caps/resistors/power supplie?/IEC /speaker binding posts and interconnect inputs, roll some 6922's and see & hear what gives. Then possible send to George Kaye for upgrades to take it to the next level. He's backed up at the moment for 2 months over the holiday anyhow. I figure I'll have a little fun with it for the time being while waiting till he's ready.
Have no fears about running your Maggie 1.6s with the 300. The most important thing is to find the right placement for the Maggies first.

George Kaye's mods are a mixed bag to me, some great, some to your particular taste and others just make practical sense. Some stuff he wanted to do originally but couldn't in order to meet the projected price. You need to look over his offerings and decide for yourself.