Mogami 3104 Spade Lug Connector AWG Size

It appears that Mogami 3104 has 4 12AWG wires within each cable.  I would only want two spades on each end, so it looks like I would need to include two wires in each spade lug connector.  If someone has self terminated these cables in this way using crimp on spades, it would be appreciated if you could tell me the AWG size connector you used that could accommodate the two 12AWG wires.

An 8 gauge connector should work. If this is speaker cable, got to say I'm curious as to what amp and speaker needs something that large.

Hi tls, I am thinking you hit the nail on the head and its overkill.  I'm using a 35 wpc el34 amp.  But this wire has a great rep, is reasonably priced, and I was thinking of giving it a shot. Probably will just stick with my Blue Jeans canare.
Happy fourth,
The canare I am using also has 4 wires per cable, but 14 vs 12 gauge. Seems manageable for the most part.