Mitch Mitchell RIP

The drummer from The Jimi Hendrix Experience passed away today in Portland. He was 61.
That is sad news. I saw him in 73 playing drums at the Bay Front Center in St Petersburg, Fl, with a group called Ramatam. He was one of the best rock drummers I've ever seen... very smooth and kind of jazzy.
It is tough to believe that the entire band is dead now.

So sad, especially since they were one of the leaders of the '60s music scene.
I always thought that he lost it when Hendrix died. Just look at what happened to his career. Like Ginger Baker, wasted potential.
"Like Ginger Baker, wasted potential."

What??!! Chashmal- . . . you are a frickin' idiot.
Yeah Deano, that's a great exponent of the old Socratic debate. One man's fantastic percussive accompaniment is another man's wasted potential. I guess we have different opinions and tastes. Yes, I think he blew it and could have been great. Instead, just mediocre. Sorry. Maybe there are other opinions outside of the trailer park.
OK, I was being 'ironic', and it fell flat as a joke. Obviously Ginger Baker is one of the only drummers of his type (of a 60's psychedelic power trio) to go forth and become an interesting musician. Mitch Mitchell was a case of wasted potential, IMO. Obviously Ginger Baker was not.

However I could not resist acting 'as if' in relation to the Neanderthal response of Deano. My bad.
Yes,very sad, saw him just 4 weeks ago on the Hendrix tribute show.......little did we of the best, is truly laid to rest. Jimi,Noel,Mitch..a hundred years from now, people will listen and um ..WOW
Wow, I saw him a couple weeks ago in San Francisco ( Hendrix Experience) and he seemed to be having a great time. R.i.p. Mitch, and thanks for the memories.