Minnesota Club of Home Theater....

Hi, I want to start a club of other home theater, multi, and 2 channel all in one perhaps get together.

Perhaps a once a month get together or even just hanging out enjoying other audiophiles systems, experiences and such.

I would like to get a younger enthusiast up to whatever age. I just think the younger group is not in the audio thing and more driven by ipods so their take on things would be nice. I think most groups are always driven by 2 channel and spinning albums.

I myself, am 39 years of age and am a home theater addict! I do enjoy using my home theater set up as two channel which I listen a lot. I don't do any multi, but have not heard many multi channel recordings so maybe I am missing a lot. I think of myself as a two channel purist for music, but love a multi channel set up for my favorite hollywood movies so I dont have to go to a theater where it fails in comparison to a properly set up rig.

Email if your intersted or have thoughts

Thanks much....