Michael Brecker R.I.P.

Tenor saxophonist Michael Brecker died today of leukemia.

An incredibly talented musician, Michael was the most emulated tenor saxophonist of the last twenty five years or so. A great example of post-Coltrane tenor playing, he was arguably the greatest technician/virtuoso to ever play the instrument. He was also a very gentle soul.

He will be missed.
I loved the work that he did on a few Billy Cobham LP's along with his brother Randy on trumpet. If you can find a good copy of Total Eclipse, Crosswinds or, A Funky Thide of Sings. These Billy Cobham records showcase the Brecker Brothers incredible talent. RIP.
Michael's playing on McCoy Tyner's Infinity is simply amazing. His playing will truely be missed.
What a terrible week. First Sneaky Pete Kleinow and now Michael Brecker -- two of my favorite musicians. Though they played in totally different genres, they were both lyrical, creative musicians. Every song they plsyed on benefited from their contributions. It's a consolation that so much of their work was recorded for posterity.
Scotthobby...completely agree. I didn't know any of this and as a new member of AudioGon was wandering around the forums when I came across the news about these two deaths. In short order I also stumbled across the fact that Chris Whitley had passed away some time ago. That was a sad Saturday morning, indeed.