Micca 14 Gauge Pure Copper Speaker Wire

The Micca 14 Guage Pure Copper Speaker Wires have become a topic of conversation on this forum recently. I thought it was worth starting a thread for everyone to post their reviews/experiences all in one place.

I think this YouTube video is likely what started the buzz around these particular speaker cables:


This review in combination from comments made by @lak led me to give them a try in my system.

For reference, my system is the following:

Denafrips Ares II DAC > Morrow Audio MA4 XLR > Pathos Classic One MkIII Integrated Amplifier with Mullard Tubes > speakers cables including an intermediate switch > Focal 836v Speakers

My speakers are shared with my home theater receiver, so the intermediate switch is necessary and is a custom DIY using Blue Jeans 10awg cables internally.

I have been using 3ft and 6ft foot runs of Blue Jeans Cable 10awg speaker cables for a long time and have been hesitant to try other cables because I know that they are sub-optimized and it would also take two of anything to maximize the change.

In any case, I picked up to 6ft sets of the Micca 14 speaker cables and gave them around 40 hours to break in, but put my BJC cables back in today and am back to enjoying my systems as nature intended.

I found the Micca 14 speaker cables to be very easy to listen to. I was having a difficult time describing what I was hearing until I saw what @maxima95 wrote and immediately could identify with it.

In my system and to my ear, the Micca 14 speaker cables were smooth without a hint of glare which explains why they are enjoyable and easy to listen to, but there was a lack of clarity and definition in the deep bass.

I generally use Allan Taylor’s The Traveler as my reference song and the deepest note that had recently become amazing with the most recently upgrade to the Morrow Audio MA4 XLR cable took a step back in clarity and visceral presentation.

When I swapped back this morning I wasn’t sure what the result would be because sometimes swapping back and forth just results in a level of confusion where you cannot definitively form an opinion, but in this case it was a sense of relief to my ears.

If you have a system that is on the bright side and needs to be tamed a bit or if you prefer a smooth/warm sound without a hint of glare, I’d say that the Micca 14 speaker cables would be worth a try in your system given their price. Not much to lose.


these cables just sound right and the price is a no brainer.  I like some other cables better but they cost a lot more.  I personally prefer the Micca cables over Audioquest Rocket 88 in my office system.  I spent a lot of time going back and forth and ultimately chose the Micca.  I would not hesitate to get these and not feel for one second like you are being short changed.  If money is no object I think you can do better but for say sub 10K systems these are a great choice. 

It's just a simple copper cable!! Why would it sound better than other respected brands?????

Lol, what are the brands you respeck? Why don't you respeck the Micca?

+1 philjolet

 very nice sounding cables but too rolled of in the high end for me.