Mexico City forming our audio club

I would gladly start an audioclub here in Mexico with any fellow audiophiles who want to share their experience or talk about our hobie.
OK, let´s do it!

I have four or five friends who can join-in.
Send me a line to my mail:

Names for you to consider:

Fabian Grandizo - Jadis, JMlab
Jorge Sadurni - Metaxas, EAD, Lowther
Lorenzo Ortiz - Snell, Altec
Phillipe Monnier - Copland, B&W
Raul Abreu - Krell, Martin Logan
Raul Iruegas - Mlevinson, acoustic Sound
Alan Aroesti - Pass, Dynaudio, Avid
Sergio Pesqueira - Jadis, Dunlavy, Rega
Javier Alfaro - ARC, Celestion
Mexico City Audio Club up and running
I have been elected by the people to be the next President of the Club. We now have 2 acting Presidents of the Club....COOL.