Metrum Hex vs Metrum Octave

I currently have an 1st generation (the two box version) octave and have recently been getting the upgrade bug. Has anyone directly compared the Hex to the Octave. I love the Metrum NOS sound, so I figured the Hex would be a logical choice for an upgrade. thanks!
I also have the Octave and have been wondering about how the Hex compares with the Octave regarding redbook digital. I have no hi-rez files so I'm only concerned with 44.1. Did u reread Srajan's review of the Hex? Its been a while for me.
When setting up a computer audio source this summer, I purchased the Octave II but before even listening to it I decided to switch and purchase the Hex instead.
Therefore, I cannot speak to the differences but the Hex has been quite satisfactory in my system and equal to (but a bit different than) a highly regarded disc player I still own.
The 6moons article includes reviews by three different reviewers and there are a few other reviews of the Hex out there if you search. A couple of the reviews make mention of the reviewer's observations relative to the Octave.
Here is one comment by John Darko, from his portion of the 6moons review;
The Octave could err toward leanness but the Hex fills you out with flesh and colour. Think sparkling mineral water flow for Octave but champagne cascade for the Hex. The latter spills with a broader spread of flavours and greater body.
I did own an Octave for about 10 months before getting a Hex. Both are really great DAC's, imo. I have owned an ARC Dac7 and 8, and Naim Dac, and it would be really tough to say anything was better than the Hex. I went from the other Dac's to the Octave and did not feel like I was missing anything. When I got the Hex, it just got better. Just more detail and presence.
Tough to beat the value of the Octave. For the price, it is fantastic. Even price aside, it is a great dac.
One thing to bear in mind is that with the Hex, no intermediary device is needed, as it already contains an excellent input device, from M2-tech. So the USB input is superb.
Check out Martin Collom's great reviews of both the Octave and Hex. Great reviews, both.
I have a copy of his Octave review but I do not subscribe to HiFi Critic and cannot find a copy of Collom's Hex review online. I would like to try my Hex with a high quality usb/spdif converter (Off Ramp), just for kicks.