Metal, Classic Rock, Classical, Reggae & Jazz?

The more I look...the more I look.
After years with no good sound system, I decided to start looking again. I have listened to several products. I’m interested in your opinionated suggestions of speakers and amp combos that might be worth exploring.Please forgive any misuse of terms as I get back into this. I already have one Rel S/5 SHO. I’m looking at a budget of around 20k. Here is what I’ve heard so far:
- Arcam AVR550 with B&W 804 D3 with Rel T/9i (yes, I was in a Magnolia).- Devialet 440 & 1000 Pro Dual with Kanta 2, AudioQuest Robinhood Zero & William Tell Silver Zero with Niagra 7000, (no sub).
- Prima Luna & Moon 600i V2 with Sopra 2, Audiovector SR3 Arrete & Triangle Signature Delta with Auralic Vega and Moon Mind V2 with Nordost red dawn, (no sub).
I liked the high end of the 804s. The Focal gave a sound stage I enjoyed as the speakers did disappear often. The Devialet/Kanta delivered a punch felt in my chest and seat, which I also enjoyed. The warmth and vocals of the Prima Luna was impressive. I found the Moon to be a bit "flatter" missing that fuller sound of the tubes. I found the Triangles to be a bit "thin". Both Triangle and Audiovector lacked that full, open sound for me.
I am seeking a punch (metal) with high end treble that has that full sound where the speakers disappear (like with Focal) where the nuances and intricacies like guitar strings and the pads of flute and oboe can be heard. At times I will listen with a more discerning ear. At others I will want to crank the crap out of things (metal).
Half the fun has been the journey. I look forward to your suggestions.
You don't have to spend $20K! Plenty of choices pre-owned here on Agon and the other sites (Audio Asylum and US AudioMart). There are bargains to be had on the used market!