Meridian Transport Help

Hi Fellow Agonners:

I am piecing together a Meridian front end system including the 56x dac and the 518 processor. My question is, for best audio quality, should I stick with the 500 transport or can I use a 506 or 508 as transport?


Then why does the 500 transport cost more than the 506-20 cd player? hmmmm... marketing ploy?
I owned the 500 and can attest that it is a great transport. Very smooth and natural.

In terms of the difference between it and the 506....the 500 will have its own dedicated power supplied and circuitry not shared with the DA section. Although the physical CDM module may be the same, the other stuff around it can make a big difference.
I just started using my 506.24 as a transport (bought an outboard DAC)---so far so good. Very stable & dramatically improved sound...
Well, I just got a 500 transport. It is head and shoulders above the CAL Delta it replaced. Build quality is miles apart as well.