MacBook Pro to EMM XDS1

For owners of this fine EMM product, what's the preferred way to get music from the computer to the DAC? I've been using Toslink, but I'm wondering if there is a better option. Both are less than one year old.
The Weiss INT202 is excellent but expensive. The best interface I have used so far.
Only downsides to me are:
a. it's not compatible with integer mode with Snow Leopard and Pure Music
b. there is no way to encode DSD audio via this interface which is a shame since the XDS1 uses a native DSD DAC>
As can be inferred from my post, No.

I did ask EMM before and they said pretty much the same thing. The only way to get USB DSD is to get their USB DACs, i.e. MA-1 and DAC2X. But if you already have the XDS1, you are as they say S-O-L.
Good luck on this, I'd be curious too.
Of course, CDs are so cheap these days and the XDS1 just uses some alchemy to turns these cheap old discs into gold that almost sounds like SACD that it's almost not worth the trouble to me. I can't believe how often I'm amazed how the EMM extracts such goodness out of a $2 piece of plastic.
Yes, the XDS1 is a brilliant machine. If you don't require the last mile of neutrality, I also recommend the Playback MPS5. I've heard it in my system and it sounds beautiful too. Very similar to the XDS1 but perhaps a bit more oomph in the mid bass which is a nice characteristic. For the price though, it's a relative bargain compared to the XDS1.
I actually owned the MPS5 for a while and did hear a more prominent upper bass, but it was actually a negative for me and I found it a little blurry and had the impression it was there when it wasn't supposed to be. This was based on many CDs I was familiar with (60's-80's popular music, clearly not the best recordings). The EMM sound (especially the XDS1) to me has the best bass, a see-through bass with no pumping or opaque sonics.
In fact, I keep coming back to EMM because the natural bass is so much better than other digital sources I have heard.
The MPS5 bass seemed to tarnish the lower midrange, slowing them down. Curiously, I found a similar upper-bass issue on an expensive Burmester I had in my system for a while.
To me, the EMM bass rules.