M&K S-2b speakers need new Peerless mid/woofer

I have a really nice pair of S-2b satellites and one of the woofers is bad. it is a 6.5 inch Peerless metal basket woofer. The Peerless sticker on the back has no numbers, and what it may have written on it, someone has used a permanent marker on it and destroyed what might have possibly been some numbering. I have nothing to go on, and not found a listing. The woofer is a peerless, steel basket, paper with a coating, rubber surround, with four holes. Looks a lot like an early polk woofer, but not with polk's shiny doping. Not sure of the ohm rating, speakers bought 90-91 so the newer S-2b speakers. Anyone have a lead as to the correct part number from Peerless? or have an extra? This may have been one of the only speakers that M&K used 6.5 speakers in, so it is kinda rare. Thanks for your help.