LP Heaven

After years of tweaking and upgrading, I have pretty much given up on awesome sounding CDs. I've tried lots from the PS Audio Lamda to CAL Alpha to Audio Alchemy and never got the warm open sound of my old turntable.
Well, I just finished revamping my Marantz 6200 with a belt, cleaning, cartridge/stylus (ortofon) and will rewire this weekend with some XLOs. It is amazing in direct comparison to a Denon cd with an Audio Alchemy 3.0 d/a. I'M REBORN!!!!!!!!!!
Now maybe I will start saving for a high bucks table?
You'll get no arguments from me. Its only been a little more than 6 months since I "saw the light" and like TWL, I no longer bother with digital in my 2 channel system.
And yet one more person is converted. Im debating with myself to sell my sony scd-1 for it has not seen any use for 4 months, to purchase a better phono stage. Vinyl is far superior to digital in sound. Yes I agree buy a better turntable I would say save for the one you want and not the one you can afford or you may find yourself doing the same thing I did and many on this site have done. (upgrade). David
This is exactly why I have a high end turntable and a stock Sony 9000. I put my money where it would return the most performance.
Listen to Cylinderking! Doing it once is much cheaper than following some kind of upgrade path. Welcome to the crowd.
Not only does analogue live, but it sounds so much more natural. Plus, you can find some excellent vinyl for a lot less than most used cd's.

Thanks for the encouragement. I went to the largest local LP store, Jerry's Records, and started buying goodies. He has more albums than I've ever seen. I can't believe how many new audiophile grade ones he has for $5 to $7!
Happy Listening.