Looking for help matching surrounds to Hales mains

I have a Hales Revelation front stage (Rev 3's and a Rev Center), powered by a Pass Labs X5. I recently just bought a decoder for the first time, and I'm trying to pick a good pair of surrounds to match the Hales in front.

I know that the Hales use a Vifa aluminum tweeter and poly midrange (unknown manu).

My dealer recommended I listen to some paradigms but they leave me feeling kinda "Ehhh..."

I've been intrigued by the Axiom surrounds and m22 monitors...also the possibility of getting a second set of Rev 3's for the rear used (placement is obviously the issue here).

Does anyone have any recommendations? The Rev 3's are pretty dynamic speakers and aside from being a touch forward up top, they have superb response. I'd like to stay at $1000 or less (unless I really have to...in which case I'd go as high as $1200).
I know this sounds silly but....

What about another pair of Hales speakers? I know of a 2 way pair for... $1,300.00 (I think they were asking that).

It would be nice if you were in the Toronto area, though.