Looking for cable recommendations for sennheiser HD800s

After auditioning many different headphones at Axpona, I purchased Sennheiser HD800s. I have begun listening and am happy with my decision.  

But when auditioning at Axpona, I recall none of the booths used the stock cables- everyone was using an upgraded replacement cable.  And as I was focused on the ‘phones, I didn’t really pay much attention to the brands, types, styles of cables.   I do recall Kimber, Cardas and Moon were there, but did not seriously retain any impressions.  And I know from experience with my home rig that cables can make a big improvement.

So I am looking for recommendations for which cables I should consider for my HD800s.  I could spend up to $1000, but would sure like to be in the $500 range.  And used would be fine with me, especially if you know a source for used headphone cables as they are a rare commodity on Audiogon. Thanks.


Yes, I got them.  They arrived a day before my daughter and grandkids, so I have not really had a chance to seriously listen.  The family leaves on Saturday, so I’ll have plenty of time next week and I’ll post my thought then. 

Putting your child/grandkids above new headphone cables?!?  You’re a better man than I. 😝😉


1- timing might have more to do with our wives, rather than who’s a better man😀…….

2- listening observations.  Compared to the baseline OEM senn cables, it feels like a veil has been lifted.  The lavicables have more air around the mids and highs; not sure if they are more detailed per se, or if the lifting of the veil just allows me to hear more of the details of the music.  I first thought some of the vocals in the OEM were warmer, but with further listening, I think the OEMs were a bit muddier. maybe the lavricables are a bit leaner through the mids- not yet sure about this- or perhaps I can hear more details in the female voices, Tracy Chapman, for example. with the air and ability to hear the details, this greatly improves the soundstage.  So, with the type of music I listen to, the lavricables create a more enjoyable experience. Two thumbs up.

Thanks for your recommendation and taking the time to help me out. 

Whew!  I’m always a bit nervous recommending cables, but when you mentioned you were looking for better detail and soundstage I thought you’d like these so very glad to hear it’s been positive thus far.  I’d give them at least 100 hours before making more firm conclusions, but in the meantime congrats!

@soix - yep, always patient with my final conclusion, but I did pay lavricable for the 100 hour burn in service (as it was not much money) so I feel comfortable that we are mostly there.