Looking at new amp for Totem Mani-2 signature

I have a Musical Fidelity A5.5 integrated pushing my Mani-2 Sigs (250 watts/8 ohms, 400 watts/4 ohms and 75 Amps peak current.  I am wondering what if anything might be gained by going to a Conrad Johnson MF2500A t (250 watts/8 ohms, 450 watts/4 ohms and 35 amps peak current).  The mani is supposed to be current hungry and the published numbers on the A5.5 are  over twice that of the 2500A.  Anyone care to edumacate me?
I have a Musical Fidelity M6si which I'm very happy with. So I'm curious why you wouldn't consider staying with the brand (MF) you are already familiar with.

As to the current/amperage specs, you may want to check out this thread https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/how-to-measure-current-in-an-amplifier as I posted a similar question some time ago and some rather knowledgeable folks were kind enough to chime in with answers.
I have had so many people tell me that I am missing a lot of performance from the mani's due to my amp. I have never heard mani's connected to any other amp so I am curious. 
Firstly, I wouldn’t get caught up in comparing specs as that will likely lead to a bad decision. The MF and CJ are both more than adequate to drive your speakers, however will likely sound a little different. I am very puzzled by your comment as to what "so many people" are saying. Your amp got an excellent review in 6moons audio and having experience with 3 MF integrateds, one being the A5, I totally agree with the review. I hope these people aren’t dealers just trying to sell you something. What do you think needs improving? What are the deficiencies in the sound? If you do have some issues with your sound, I seriously doubt the amp is the problem, and you should look elsewhere.

Update:  I added a Pass X250.8 amp and XP-10 Pre-amp in place of the Musical Fidelity integrated.  The Pass drives my mani's with much greater authority and the imaging is worlds better than before. I think I would have been hard pressed to find a better match for my mani's. 
I have no experience with your amps.  I have the winds and drive them with a bat vk200. Pre is anthem mrx720.  I tried the anthem str amp which is 400 watts and 6k. But the bat is just incredible with my winds. And I can drive loud than the anthem with no distortion and total control.  More air, detail,  separation and all that audio tech talk. For me it's a perfect match.