Long Island, NY

Having been inspired by my friends at the Philadelphia Audiophile club I was wondering if there is enough interest here on Long Island to organize a group. If the thought of a bunch of people comming to your house to listen to your stereo, eat all your food and argue about VTA excites you (as well as getting to eat someone elses food while sitting in their sweet spot)contact me -banksfriend- or toudou through AgoN's email system. I know I've traded emails with plenty of Long Islanders and we always seem to mention how we'd like to hear each other's systems, well here's your chance.
I hope to hear from you, Banksfriend
The thought of all those audiophools in one room, eating food, drinking, listening to my rig doesn't excite me in the least. Too problematic for this audiophool. It will be interestesting to see how many Long Island audiophools respond to this thread. One on one? Maybe three? Now that I could deal with. A club of 2? Not likely huh? Good luck in your quest. warren :-)
There's already a club on Long Island called Audio Syndrome. Please contact Andrew Dubitsky at 516-263-0296 or e-mail him at andrewdubitsky@pall.com

There's also a club called NY Audio Rave that meets in and around the city, with meetings in NYC, Westchester, Queens, NJ and occasionally LI.

I would welcome a new club on LI, especially if there are new faces, new ideas and good audio banter. So if you want to start up a new club please keep me informed.

Oops - I forgot to give you a link for the NY Audio Rave. You can find more info about them at www.audiocircle.com.

Hope to see you at one of the future meetings. And please let me know if you get a new club started up on LI.
Thnks Bob,
I may contaact the Syndrome and check out a "meeting", I'ld also like to stumble through some new group dynamics. I would welcome your input along with whomever else is interested.
Warreh, no need for you to respond
Thanks, Adam