Linear Power Supply for a DAC

I’m looking for a recommendation for a Linear Power Supply for a Chord DAC. There are some units available in the UK, but I’d rather find one here in the USA.
The DAC is the Chord QuteHD DSD Dac and I’m currently using the stock wall-wart.

Power supply specs are: 12v, 1A, 2.1mm connector. The DAC has a grounding post if needed.

I found this Teddy Pardo model, and the specs say power output “up to 2A.” Would this be a good match for my DAC?

Looking for quality, but wouldn’t mind finding something less expensive than the Pardo.

Yes they are a big upgrade and the only option I found that was reasonable price. 

A deep cycle marine battery hooked up to a trickle charger is the best battery solution. Better than any linear supply.


20 gauge solid copper cables sound the best. 

Try LTA audio (Linear Tube Audio) very good OTL amps and great preamps, but they started their business with linear power supplies, are great …