Lighting, Halogen?, and hi end stereos...

I know flourecent lights aren't real good with hi end gear. I assume they add noise to AC. What about the low voltage, transformer driver halogen lights? I'm remodeling my room and I'm curious if I should stick with regular bulbs...

My gear is all on a dedicated, iso ground do I really care-go with the lights I want?

I use several types of low voltage halogen in my listening room: ambient light, task light (near TT), and task lights illuminating various art works. No ill effects, although each and every light is on a circuit leg that is isolated from the dedicated lines for the equipment. I have a couple of the lights on dimmers, and don't have any transformer buzz either. One set is a four bulb (20 watts each ambient light. With a dimmer on it, I have noticed that the transformer heats up a little more than I would like when the lights are on low.

I also have two incandescent eyeball lights mounted on the ceiling over the loudspeakers that are on a Lutron Smart Dimmer which is wall mounted just outside my listening room. I have not noticed any induced hum when they are on, but I tend not to run them when listening to music.
Why not use low wattage halogen bulbs that are rated for 120 volts. More and more bulbs are being manufactured that do not need the transformers. Lowest wattage I recall is 25 watt, then 35, 50, 75, and up. Look for GU8 & Gu8.6 pin spacing in the bases.