Latest Firmware Upgrade for Cambridge AZURE 851N Caused a Major Problem? Help Please!

Looks like Cambridge just released new Firmware for their 851N, however after performing the upgrade, I can no longer connect my PC to the 851N. Qobuz reports "Device not compatible", JRiver reports "Device does not support file types", and just trying to stream NPR from my browser, again no audio. I have tried multiple PC's, rebooting everything and checking connections, and still nothing. I have not tried the last resort of doing a factory reset yet on the Cambridge. Anyone else who did the update run into this problem?

Thanks, could really use some help!
Hi, gelle, yes a number of times. Thank you for your suggestion - most appreciated!
Can you download the previous firmware?  If not sounds like you will need to do the factory reset. Cambridge could be different but I've had to do that on other components after a firmware update.
You might also try to reinstall the new firmware sometimes there is an interruption you're not aware of which causes problems, had to do that before as well. 
Hello and thanks!
I tried reinstalling the firmware but the Cambridge just said it had the latest version, no way to go back a rev that I know of. Still trying to figure it out, everyone's help is most appreciated!
Thanks djones51, yes I too found this article, unfortunately, it is for the CBus issue which is not a problem for me as I do not use it, my issue is with the USB connection. Thank you!

I was incorrect! I revisited the link and found some of my settings were not correct, I had to use the Cambridge App on my phone to get to the settings where after correcting them everything is now working great!

Thank you, thank you!!
I wondered as it looked like there was a network setting in the app that needed to be changed.
Hi djones51,
On my phone of all places, while running the Streamagic app, I found a system settings button and when I selected it I found the USB was set back to 1.0 and that is why my PC was not connecting. After changing it back to 2.0 and making the other changes as suggested in the link you sent me all is well! I have performed about three firmware updates since owning my 851N and never had a problem until now. In the future before I attempt any new firmware updates I'll proceed with caution and maybe wait a few days just in case people are reporting issues such as in the link. Thanks again! 
Good idea to wait there will probably be a new update soon they said in the link they were working on a fix for the Cbus issue.