I gave my old KEF XA300A desktop speakers to my nephew up in Canada. When I was using them in my bedroom I used a Sonare Sonic Orbiter (a cheaper version of the microRendu) to get the music bits from my computer (in another room) to the built-in speaker DAC. So I was doing Ethernet-to-USB. I don’t recall ever using the USB direct from a computer as an alternative connection approach. This would have entailed the selection of a USB computer driver.

My nephew tells me that his up-to-date Windows 10 machine cannot find the suitable driver for the XA300A when he tried to connect directed from his computer using USB. We connected KEF USA to see if they could help but they dropped the ball on this issue. So I am here asking if anyone is currently using this speaker connected directly with a USB wire. If so what operating system and what USB driver are you using. Any links to the driver?

Here is the speaker in question. It is now a discontinued model.
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