KEF LS50 Integrated recommendation

I am putting together a second system for audio, in a room that is 12x20x8 feet. Moderately furnished and treated.

I am seriously considering the Naim Nait 5 i, xs, or xs-2. I have slso considered the Simaudio I-1, Peachtree Nova, Unison Unico hybrid and Musical Fidelity.

Recommendations/experience with integrateds in the 50 to 100 wpc would be most appreciated.
I use the HK990 in my secondary system, and it is a fantastic piece of gear. I like the ability to crossover to the sub without running full-range on my Totem Rainmakers. I can use the room EQ if needed, and it has more power than I could ever need for a secondary setup. Worth a look.

Any chance of auditioning any of these?

On paper, any ought to work well. And any amp rec should ideally be based on that specific match of amp and speaker. All about synergy, and sometimes that synergy goes beyond measureables like watts and damping factor (though those certainly matter very much).
I may be able to demo the Simaudio. I have a local dealer. The Naim may be a little more difficult to get my hands on. I have owned Unison in the past and liked it very much. Musical Fidelity, no dealer.

Thanks for the replies so far!
I've only played mine on a NAD and the Musical Fidelity M3i. I prefer the MF as it gives a slightly warmer presentation.
Hi there,Im not sure what your budget is,there is a nice Plinius on audiogon for $1500 with a phono.I have just acquired the ls 50,and it sounds great with my Plinius.
I have the LS50's paired with Audio Research VSi55 I got for 1830 on audiogon. They are an amazing match. I don't think I could do much better. I keep on thinking of ways to change/upgrading the integrated but just in the end don't want to loose the synergy of this setup, its phenomenal, even despite being set up in a fairly large room with 9 foot ceilings.

If I had a balanced source I would like to compare it to a Ayre Ax-7e someday...

Entry level Transparent cabling and a Bluesound Vault as a source using the on board DAC. Soon to be switch to a Auralic Aries Mini.