Keces BP5000 Balanced Power Transformer?

I’m thinking about the Keces BP5000 to power my newly upgraded system. I am currently using a Hydra 2 for my X250.5 amp and am using a Hydra 6 for the rest of my system. I have the X250.5 amp soon to be X250.8 and I am using a Pass XP-32 preamp. My sources are PS Audio Directstream dac and Perfectwave transport and an Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer and a Magnum Dynalab md106t tuner. All my cables are Audio Art Statement e2plus power and Statement interconnects and speaker cables. My digital cables are Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI for transport to dac and Wireworld Platinum Starlight 8 XLR from streamer to dac. Would the Keces BP5000 be an improvement over my Hydras? Thanks for your help and advice.
The reason I am considering the Keces BP5000 is that despite my Hydras which help I notice fluctuations in ac quality which have my system sounding better or worse depending on ac quality variations.
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@mitchb I believe you will be fine going with the Keces. Keces is a power centric / focused company, therefore very little downside and risk.

It’s also unlikely you will elicit feedback from an actual owner of the BP5000.

I have two of their P8 (ultra low noise linear power supply) units and they do their job exceedingly well.

As you know, the only way to find out is to try it out and compare with your Hydras. My gut feel is you will be surprised and happy with the Keces.

Good luck and let us know what your results are? - David.
I have the Keces P8 DC LPS which is a quality piece of gear and performs very well so I have high confidence in the Keces products.  Regarding the balance power transformer, I use multiple 'small' balanced power transformers to provide more component to component and digital to analog device isolation with very good results.  The BP5000 appears to have two separate isolated 600VA secondary winding transformer AC outputs which should provide similar isolation capability.  My units are individual 500VA balanced transformers so there may be some net difference but the isolation capability of the BP5000 is a strong point.  In my experience, sometimes high power amplifiers do better straight from the wall than with a balanced transformer based conditioner and, if so in your case, your other devices will very likely benefit at least IMHO.  Either way and regardless you might look into taking the Hydra 2 out of the equation and depending on how the BP5000 does withe your amp, replace the Hydra with something like the Venom Defender standalone plugged into the same outlet.  The Hydra 2 has something similar (albeit I'm guessing an earlier design) inside the box along with a MOV for surge protection.  Eliminating an extra power cord for the Hydra 2 and the resulting extra AC connections alone will be of benefit.  Net net is I'd try the BP5000 if it was my call.  I hope this helps and good luck with your decision.
I’ve put in an order for the new replacement for the Keces BP5000. There is supposed to be a new and improved unit coming out in April and I’m in for one. I’m very excited. In the very worst case scenario I will just put back my Hydra 2 and Hydra 6 as they are in place currently. 
@mitchb   That's great. Looking forward to hearing back on how it works out for you.
+1 @costintdan  Bump... to see if @mitchb  has an update on when the new / updated BP5000 is inbound?
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I’m still waiting on my Keces BP-5000. My Hydra2 which is in front of my amp and Hydra6 which is before everything else are nice. Would it make sense to piggyback Hydra’s after the Keces?
I’m just waiting for the North American distributor of Keces to get more in stock. There were apparently improvements made to the new models and I wait to hear how it sounds with anticipation.
The new Keces will ship end of June. Instead of 5000va the new model is 3600va. It will have 3000va with 4 outlets. I will run amp and headphone amp off the 3000va side. On one of the 300va(2 outlets) I will run my preamp and on the second 300va I will piggyback my Hydra 6 and run my dac,transport, streamer and tuner off the Hydra 6. In this way my analog is isolated from my digital and my amp and headphone amp are isolated from my preamp. It should be an interesting exercise to try my system this way. It should work well. 
I've been a big proponent of balanced power for many years now and can extol their benefits but the one thing it cannot do is correct for power line sags/variations. With that said, I would take balanced power any day over unbalanced no matter how filtered and corrected the manufacture claims.

YMMV of course...
I expect the new Keces IQRP 3600 in 2 weeks. I expect it may be nice. Apparently balanced power transformer conditioners don’t limit amp dynamics like some of the lesser conditioners. I will know more in a couple of weeks.

The Keces is amazing. I love it. It improves the sound in every way. Worth waiting for and highly recommended. I now have a much bigger improved system for the Keces. It’s a bit of a monster at 62.6 pounds.

@mitchb  I am looking at the Keces IQRP 3600 also. You said it was amazing and that you loved it. Could you give me a little bit more detail of how the Keces improved your listening pleasure in your system. I wanted to demo it first but I cant find a dealer that will do that. so I am leaning heavily on the feedback from actual owners and so far you are the only owner to give feedback.