Jorgen Schau Moving Coil Transformer

Has anybody had any experience with a moving coil transformer made by "Jorgen Schau"? Here is the link to the current auction on EBAY:

Looks like two basic industrial type transformers wired up to RCA jacks in a basic metal case to me. I am curious as to its value and perceived performance quality.

There is also a multiple impedance Audio Technica transformer on EBAY right now, too, as well as two Cotter trannies for those interested.

I've seen the same seller with these for over 2 months. He apparently has quite a few of them. They were going for about $100 in the beginning, now $400. I thought about trying one, but said piss on it and bought a Tom Evans Micro Groove yeaterday off of a fellow Agoner for $525.

The latest and greatest iteration of the Cotter, and I'm sure the extra c-note will be well spent.