jbl b460 or jbl 4645c

i have jbl b460 whitch i blow the woofer a lot.i love the sound,i would like to know if the jbl 4645c sound just as good,i see it can handel alot more power
hello. At my local dealer the carried the B460 18" correct?
They blew the heck out of several woofers also they ripped the spyders out.:) Anyway they subsituted in a car audio 18" of some type then no blowout, You may want to get JBL musical instrument driver in there. Some of those are so stought you can dam near kick the cones without damage.
You must be playing this speaker incredibly loud. You are probably clipping the heck out of your amp, or if your source is a phono you probably are getting subsonic frequencies fed-back thru your system and this causing some very low frequencies.

You need to either get a better amplifier or a better front end.

This speaker, if properly driven and amplified, should be able to re-create an earthquake in your house.
I also have the B460 sub. When it was new, I blew it twice. JBL handled the repair cost. Since then, I have learned to modulate the power and it sounds great. I would not use a different driver...Love mine...
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