Jacintha "Autumn Leaves" on XRCD2 is incredible

Awhile ago, Rivercitylad, an A'Gon member, turned me on to Jacintha's music. Her "Autumn Leaves", sub-titled "The Music of Johnny Mercer" is on XRCD2 and is seductively beautiful. This is the best CD I've ever heard on my stereo system.

I got this disc from Music Direct for $30.-- expensive but worth it. This is definitely a new standard for female vocals for me. The music is essentially smooth jazz, and has jazz ballads like Shirley Horn or Diana Krall might sing. If you like female vocals this XRCD2 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Comments and observations are welcome. Cheers. Craig
Hey Garfish,

XRCD you mean the one released by FIM?
Or is there something new?

I am glad you like it!

Craig, yes, Autumn Leaves is quite good. If you had a really good and fast amp, say a McCormack DNA-2 Rev A, you will notice on track 10 the piano solo on the back half of the track is out of this world. You'll need to listen closely a couple of times. As fast as that pianist is moving up and down the keyboard, you'll hear every single note individually. And you may even hear the hammers hitting the strings.

But only if you have a fast amp.

Jacintha's other XRCD "Here's to Ben" is also really nice.
Firebird; yes, this CD was released by FIM (I think) but I got it through Music Direct. I should have noted that, thanks. It is called an XRCD2-- if that's new?

Stehno; as you know, we BOTH have those fast, hot rodded DNA2 amps-- I'll have another listen to track 10. I'll certainly have to look for "Here's To Ben" also-- and maybe others? Cheers. Craig
Garfish, you might also check out the following XRCD's from FIM:

Flamenco Passions (flamenco guitar and nice cello)
Over the Rainbow (a sax that'll make you jump)

I think XRCD may be better than SACD but it's close.
Agree Garfish, a great disk. And thanks Stehno for the recomendations. Hadn't thought of picking up "Flamenco Passions" because it's not the type of music I generally listen to, but now I will. Much as I like XRCDs, couldn't bring myself to trying Chinese instrumentals!

I can recommend "Antiphone Blues". Long enjoyed Arne Domnereus, although sax and organ played in a church may not be everyone's thing. Others?

This is turning into a "Best" or "Favorite" XRCD thead, which is a good thing. Tried finding one searching the threads but didn't find one. They're a big help on small labels or other types of limited catalogue items.
I'm listening to the CD layer. Incredible. She has an orchestra this time. Also, try Carol Kidd's Gold on Linn (see my thread on best vocal in a movie) and Eileen Farrell on Reference Recording. All great stuff. As for XRCD2: Bill Evans with Tony Bennett is remarkable as is Tiger Okoshi's Color of Soil (a step up from Two Sides to Every Story if you can believe it). And I cannot leave out Three Blind Mice (anything) but esp. FIM's newest Autumn in Seattle by fave pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (ALL his CDs are great on TBM XRCD as are Isao Suzuki's). I'm a big Elusive Disc fan; they opened my horizons to Three Blind Mice among other artists.
I also have the XRCD2 version of Autumn Leaves, and do find the instrements and recording to be of first rate. I did however find that Jacintha's voice a little muffled, I think the recording eng used to thick of a filter on her track ..its just not in line with the rest of the Album ..my opinion !